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Let’s get to know Amit, a little bit better!

Nov 27 • 3 min read

Let’s get to know Amit, a little bit better!

Name: Amit Vyas
Title: IT Manager

A multitasker, Amit is one person who everyone in the office has some sort of work with. He is the go-to guy for any IT related work and is always amiable. A dedicated person, Amit is a shayar, a singer, the one we always bank on to add some soulful energy to our official events. 

Let’s talk Work

Describe a typical day for you at OGenie.
Typical is not a word I can use to describe my day. I am responsible for all IT-related work and we all understand how it can vary. Setting up or deleting accounts, checking on servers, documentation, evaluating services, understanding upgrade routines...Besides the routine, new things pop up on a regular basis.

How challenging is it to follow IT policies? 
I’d say we do fairly well in the terms of creating and maintaining policies as the team members as an individual understands their responsibility towards maintaining the IT. Also, as a company, we are committed to staying updated with new IT laws to manage world-class standards.

Do you prefer outsourcing tasks to an external team or building your own solutions in-house?
We have a powerhouse of talent and it was mostly building all the required solutions by our own team. But we understand that there are some tasks or rather software that we need to outsource and we do it from the very best.

Let’s talk IT

What would you say is the most important function of being an IT manager? 
The most important thing about being an IT manager is to understand you don many hats at the same time.
IT department is responsible for some very valuable assets. Managing the company’s resources is an important function to contend with because it encompasses so much of what the business needs to get things done.

In times of crisis, how to relay important information to the management? 
Our management is always in the loop, as they oversee it all, the vendors, partners, associates so in our case, I prefer to be the first one to inform what’s going on. 
I’d say this should be the practice for every IT manager across organisations as a small mishap can go a long way and processes depend a lot on IT. 

What about disaster recovery?
Thankfully, our DR processes, plans and backup are strong so we haven’t had a big issue. We try to be prepared of what’s coming ahead and as we all know it doesn’t really work out that way abut gives an edge.

Let’s get Personal

You come across as a shy person, but when you take centre stage, it’s just you. How?
It’s music and my poetry that takes centre stage. It just consumes me.

What drives you?
Besides music and poetry, I get inspired by people. I see their everyday struggles and how it drives them to give it their best. 

Which is your most memorable performance for OGenie?
I’ve given quite a few performances here and every time have had an amazing response from the team but the one I enjoyed the most was our Foundation Day party where a few of us got together to play some beautiful music. It was kind of a live concert and was beautiful.

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