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Let’s get to know Anwar, a little bit better!

Sep 18 • 3 min read

Let’s get to know Anwar, a little bit better!

Name: Anwar Hussain
Title: Creative Head

Fondly called as Anwarji, we all learn a lot from him. He is silent and dedicated, you only hear his voice when he’s asking questions about a design or sharing his opinion on what kind of creative would go with a caption. Anwarji is full of experience, wisdom and creativity.

Let’s talk Work

How does your typical workday look like?

I’m almost always busy as we do a lot of creatives and everything needs to be of a certain standard so even if I’m not creating them, I do make sure I give it a good glance before it goes out. 

We don’t do a lot of discussion as such, I get the brief, get to designing, iterations and the post is out. It might sound quick but everytime bringing some different angle requires a lot of research and thinking. 

Which is your favourite campaign?

Every campaign brings with it challenges and learning,  I enjoy working on all and that’s the truth because I get a free hand to add my creativity. If it doesn’t suit the campaign, I rework on it but it rarely happens as the brief I get is strong so it works out well. But there’s this Genie mode campaign, after we launched it almost after week Emirates launched something similar, I would say we are making our mark! 

How has the experience been so far?

I’ll have to say, pretty good! Initially, when I started, it was uncomfortable because I used to work with an advertisement company and we were traditional in our approach. Here at OGenie, we work on artificial intelligence, the most updated technology so we too have to be updated in our craft. 

From creating ads to making videos, presentations, newsletters, ebooks, the learning never stops and that keeps the journey interesting.

Let’s talk Creativity

Who are some of your biggest influencers?

Mad over Marketing is one. I like how they balance the design and the copy. Nothing overshadows, it just flows. And, of course, Ogilvy, the way they understand the brand and its audience. Apple, Amazon, also, I like the Amul ads a lot.

What does your research process looks like when working on a new campaign?

The research process differs according to the campaign. But a few things remain common- a brief, the copy, the target audience, the competitors, a framework, design trends that can influence the audience.

How do you keep up with trends? 

I don’t follow a lot of influencers nor am I an avid reader. I simply enjoy my work and that keeps me motivated to learn and explore more and this is how I try and keep up with trends.

Let’s get Personal

What is creativity to you?

It’s the way you think. Creativity is the only thing that allows and accepts us even when we make mistakes.

Every person around us is creative, in their own unique way. Everyone has their own choices and being in this field I’ve learned not to dismiss any design trend.

What is your strongest weakness?

Haha! Okay so maybe by saying this out loud, I might start working on it. I keep a lot of things inside that I should say it out loud. It keeps filling up and then comes out in a bad way.

Your favourite verse? 

जो आखिरी दिन पर ईमान नहीं रखता,  उसको अल्लाह कभी रास्ता नहीं दिखाता|

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