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Let's get to know Dhara, a little bit better!

Dec 18 • 3 min read

Let's get to know Dhara, a little bit better!

Name: Dhara Sharma

Title: Content Strategist

Believing that words can help to achieve anything, Dhara is the one enabling Genieus to express their ideas to the world. At one moment, she is scribbling something and then suddenly getting into action mode to share her ideas and thoughts with the team. A certified Yoga trainer, Dhara looks fit and motivates people around her to choose an active lifestyle for themselves.

Let's talk work

Describe your typical day at OGenie

I'm usually oscillating between content ideation and execution, spending my first half on ideation and the second half on the execution of those ideas.

What's the one project you are most proud of?

One project that I am proud of is the Women's Day Blog Series for all the women at OGenie. It was special because we celebrated all the beautiful ladies working here.

What do you enjoy the most about working for OGenie?

OGenie is a flexible start-up. I like that about it because it gives you the scope to be creative. So, when you have that open culture where you could experiment, try, and make errors, you've room to make mistakes and hence can be more creative.

I like that part about OGenie because it's not there in other start-ups.

Let's talk Content Strategy

How do you come up with content ideas?

I do a lot of research, not just traditional Google search, and read lots of books and research papers. I use Pinterest for creatives. It gives you a lot of visual ideas. Reddit is one where you can read about what people think about a topic.

What tools do you rely on for day-to-day work?

Grammarly, of course, because I have to write a lot. Then, voice typing, because it's easy and helps you to achieve more in a day. Third would be the Hemingway app, which shows sentences that are too complicated for people to understand. Hemingway helps to make sure that your content is readable for a larger audience. Last but not least would be Canva and Adobe Spark. There's a design team to help, but if you need something spontaneously creative and visual, you can go ahead and try these tools.

What trends do you see in terms of content in 2021?

I see a lot of original content coming up. Less creation and less fancy and rawer content because content adsorption has increased in 2020 a lot. B2I marketing is basically where single-individual-centric content would lead.

Let's get Personal

What's in your currently-reading list?

Right now, I am obsessed with science-non-fiction. I'm reading three books all in the same genre. First one is The Gene by Siddhartha Mukherjee, which is an entire encyclopedia on Genetics. The second book is called Phantoms in the Brain by Ramachandran, which is about how your brain functions and malfunctions. The third is Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

How do you balance work and personal life?

I read a lot and do a lot of Yoga. So, once I leave the office, I make sure that there's no work at home. And home is home.

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