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Let’s get to know Harsha, a little bit better!

Sep 11 • 3 min read

Name: Harsha Rajdev
Title: Accounts & Finance Manager

Focused and fun-loving, Harsha is the one juggling all the moolah. She understands how to balance it out, and we are not talking only about the financials here. It’s how she balances her relationships, her work and her life. Hardworking and ambitious, Harsha is a self-made woman who doesn’t shy away from standing her place.

Let’s talk Work

Describe a typical day for you do at OGenie: 

Getting it right with the numbers! Hahaha

Most days it’s the usual- a lot of concentration and a lot of calculation- as I’m the one responsible for all the accounts so I’ve to be at my best.

How has the journey been so far? Ups and downs

So far so good! Have got to learn a lot.

I’m fortunate enough to have gained firsthand experience of different sides of what goes in the working of Finance department, the general process of how things are initially planned, organised and executed; how much work and detail goes into every stage. Also, on various aspects of work, a Chartered Accountant has to perform, which in turn, have provided me with more insight.

What is your one learning & what did you unlearn at OGenie?

I have mastered the art of finding a way-out in complex situations by realising that giving up is not an option- there’s always a way that leads to a solution.

What I have unlearned is working the hard way and adapted the smarter way of doing things, like shifting from manual working to automation.

Let’s talk Finance

How difficult is it to innovate in the field of finance?

Everyone at OGenie is expected to produce innovative ideas and given an opportunity to work on challenging assignments so why should finance be left behind. It offers me a chance to work with a diversity of products and markets ranging from wealth management to mergers and acquisitions. 

Also, working in Finance gives me the opportunity to participate in the economic growth of our economy – an impactful way to make a difference and give back. 

Your work demands you to be present and focused and that we all understand takes a toll. How do you balance?

I’m a determined woman and I know I have to give my best shot, everyday. It does take a toll and mistakes do happen, luckily never had a bad experience where things got out of hand. I do my best and leave the rest. This is how I function.

How do you get to know which direction to go next and also guide others?

The challenges in this field are complex, but the fast-paced nature of the markets provide a near-immediate feedback loop. It helps in continuously testing my views and deepen my knowledge. And if I’m stuck somewhere, I know the Founders here got our back. 

I feel happy that with my work I get a chance to guide my co-workers and friends about their investments and managing funds well. 

Let’s get Personal

What is that one quality your friends say makes you stand out?

My smile and never quit attitude. 

What is it that you enjoy the most?

Making memories with friends and family, dressing up, dancing, good food. I even enjoy listening to sermons and chants. It is what keeps me easy going.

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