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Let's get to know Hashir, a little bit better!

Dec 22 • 2 min read

Let's get to know Hashir, a little bit better!

Name: Hashir Sheikh

Title: Full Stack Developer

With a great sense of humour and an appetite for lots of fun, Hashir is the source of laughter and joy for the OGenie family. He is collaborative and always there to assist his colleagues.

Let's talk work

What does your typical day at OGenie look like?

I start my day with a cup of coffee and catch up on emails. I spend most of my day on tasks that ensure that the OGenie app has a smooth UI/UX experience. Recently, I have also started working on the product.


What's the best part about being a Genieus?

Not only do I get to research the requirements of each project but also provide suggestions on the features that can be implemented to make the said product better. What I am trying to say is, after being a Genieus, your words matter.

Let's talk Development


How do you stay updated about the latest technologies and trends?

On the internet, you are one search away from learning everything about new technologies. For me, I browse tech new sites and also am part of various tech forums and social networks where I follow techies like me.


What's the one quality that a Full Stack Developer should have?

Apart from the technical know-how, a Full Stack Developer, specifically a great one for that matter, must have an excellent observational skill and be able to see the bigger picture of any project.


What do you prefer more - management or execution?

Management is nothing if you don't know how to execute. I believe that if you're passionate and have a strategy to complete a project successfully, your team will follow you wholeheartedly.

Let's get Personal

What drives you?

I am always looking for ways to make life easier for people around me and beyond. My passion for this is what keeps me moving.

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