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Let’s get to know Jai, a little bit better!

Jul 17 • 3 min read

Let’s get to know Jai, a little bit better!

Name: Jai Singh Jain

Title: Director 

The young social entrepreneur, Jai does not wait for someone else to bring the change. Instead, he decides to be the change. Jai believes that if provided with the right opportunity the next generation of leaders can be prepared to be highly successful in both professional and personal life. 

A true leader, Jai plays the part of a socially responsible citizen by continuously uplifting society through his work.


Let’s talk Work

Describe your role at OGenie: 

My role at OGenie is simple yet complex. Besides being a Director at GenieTalk Pvt. Ltd., I am also the Investor and my work mostly revolves around the success and growth of the company, selecting top executives, measuring results and asking discerning questions

What do you think about the evolution of OGenie?

I think the journey so far has been fantastic. The growth, the workings, the team, the numbers all add up really well. We were all set to soar, but now the road ahead looks a little bumpy. But then one thing I believe in is कोई लक्ष्य मनुष्य के साहस से बड़ा नही, हारा वही जो लड़ा नही। 

What challenges have you dealt with that you are most proud of? 

I consider myself as a सीधा साधा businessman but OGenie has made me into a technopreneur. It has pushed me to be more tech-friendly, I always was a gadget-friendly person but now it is the technology that attracts me more. 

Also, tell you the truth, I have become more patient since I came onboard OGenie. In businesses, we take quick decisions, the dependency is less, in a tech startup, dependency increases- on the team, the publishing platforms, the server...from a one-man army, I’m now a team player.




Let’s talk Investment



How did you decide that GenieTalk is the right startup for you to be associated with?


Actually, it was more to do with the people associated with the startup. Ankit, Santosh and Vivek. It is their vision and skills that I have invested in.

What happens when there’s a conflict of interest between the directors? Who takes charge?

Believe me, when I say, we’ve not had any major differences. It’s because all our roles are defined and we stick to our area of work. And if something does come up, we discuss and try and come to a middle ground. 

All four of us have been handling businesses for decades now so we understand that it’s not about taking charge but about finding the right solution.




Let’s get Personal
Tell us how you became so socially responsible at such a young age?

It’s all because of my family! Since my childhood, I’ve seen my parents being involved with organisations, NGOs, temple trusts and it is their lineage I’m taking forward. 


Will it be okay if we talk about some of the work you do? Something that is really close to you?


I’m associated with quite a few charities but I don’t think this is the right platform to talk about it. 

Since you asked,  I’m fortunate that I could be of help to people. I’ve been continuously working for providing health care for children with heart disease, helping the disabled, plastic surgery, free dialysis. Other fields I’ve been working on are related to the upliftment of the girl child, marriage conclaves. 

You are a strong support to OGenie, who is your strongest support?

My partner in crime, my wife Tina. She has always been supportive of all my initiatives, standing by my decisions.

What is it that uplifts you?

Nature, my family and my friends and my social initiatives. Also, I read a lot of motivational books. 

चिंतन करो, चिंता नहीं, नए विचारों को जन्म दो।


– स्वामी विवेकानंद


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