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Let’s get to know Jayant, a little bit better!

Oct 16 • 3 min read

Let’s get to know Jayant, a little bit better!

Name: Jayant Asodekar
Title: Software Engineer

With a smile on his face and his happy-go-lucky attitude, Jayant connects easily with everyone. Not the one to hesitate to take ownership of his task and even lead when the situation arises, a trouble-shooter, a ready-on-the-go traveller, Jayant is the one his friends goto when in need.

Let’s talk Work 

Describe your typical day workflow at OGenie look?
I try to make my day not so typical by adding fun elements to it, but my workday is mostly filled with analysing, finding solutions, working on making OGenie one of the best travel solution applications.

What do you enjoy working on most at OGenie?
I enjoy every moment of my working and a lot of credit goes to the OGenie team. Everyone here is transparent and collaborative in their work. We all are kind of thought partners.
We work on high-end technology and it does get taxing, but at OGenie, we focus more on the solution than the problem so the atmosphere is charged as we all know we are doing some amazing work.

What’s the one thing you wish OGenie could do right now?
Haha! OGenie can do everything that you want it to do in terms of flight search and booking. But I wish we could do a few things for OGenie- add more verticals to it. We have some great plans for OGenie but they are on hold due to this shift but we will soon be working on them so when the world is ready to travel, OGenie can take them places.

Let’s Talk Software 

What is more interesting- building a software from ground up or taking a project and upgrading it?
The ultimate goal of any software is to ease the working process, so all is good if the work is being done well.
But personally, I would say, building a software from the ground up is a more rewarding experience as being a part of every stage, manipulating it in ways that the customer experiences the best, putting it all together, it’s a different feeling.
Taking on a project to upgrade it works well when you have the free hand to take action.

What's the one thing you expect out of a software to do? 
Apple CEO Steve Jobs once said, “Our job is to figure out what customers are going to want before they do.”
I believe that since we are in a B2C space, this fits really well with our ideologies.

Let’s get Personal

Tell us about your personal interests?
I enjoy travelling, up for it anytime. Also, I love taking pictures. Photography is something that inspires me, the angles, the details, the process of it. 

How do your friends describe you?
They say I’m a good friend, who always stands by and with them. Actually, I’m also blessed to have such friends who have stood by me everytime.  

Where do you find your motivation from?
Self motivation is the best form of motivation. I believe only I can create a life for myself that I love and am working towards it :)

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