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Let’s get to know Monika, a little bit better!

Dec 11 • 2 min read

Let’s get to know Monika, a little bit better!

Name: Monika Balmik 

Title: Customer Experience Specialist

Quiet in her demeanour, bold in her work, Monika analyses the situation well and adapts quickly. She is one of the silent team players who let her work do all the talking.

Let’s talk Work

How does a typical day look like for you at OGenie?

I am connected with our customers, business team, marketing team, support, so a typical day starts with checking on it all, connecting the leads and taking it forward.

How do you handle a situation where you don’t know the answer to a question?

Thankfully, this has not happened till now as I am strong in my homework :p but if something like this comes up, I’d ask the customer to wait till I get the needed information. It is okay to make them wait rather than providing them with the incorrect information.

 What has been your most rewarding experience at OGenie? 

The way the team accepts you as their own. Also, early on I was trusted with big responsibilities that added to my beautiful journey here.

Let’s talk Customer Experience

What according to you makes a customer stay?

I believe a customer only buys what the business sells for the first time. Second time onwards, they do not pay for the product, but the service you offer them.

How challenging is it to enhance customer experiences? 

Customer experience is a field where you need to evolve and stay atleast one step ahead of your customer. It needs a lot of patience and understanding- to feel what the customer is feeling and know that the good or bad is not directed towards you as a person but the service you provide as a team.

What should a customer specialist do when the problem stated by the customer is identified by them also as a problem?

A good customer specialist would solve the problem, but a great one would be proactive. As a customer specialist, it should be your responsibility to stay in the loop, look for problems a customer would face and try to get a solution before that issue crops up.

Let’s get Personal

How would you describe yourself?

I might come across as a quiet, reserved person, but that’s just the exterior of it. I’m a fun-loving, open to conversations kind of person. I enjoy what I do. 

How would you say you have evolved with OGenie?

I’m growing as a person every day. I get to see the beautiful sides of my team members, how they manage, maintain, balance. Also, working directly with customers has helped me be more composed.
It’s different learning each day and I am grateful for it.

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