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Let’s get to know Pooja, a little bit better!

Oct 02 • 3 min read

Name: Pooja Jadhav
Title: UI/UX Designer

Bright & cheerful, Pooja is always up for adding value to her work with exploring & learning. 

Working till the end of her pregnancy term, Pooja’s dedication and enjoyment for her work is no hidden feat. But don’t go on her chilled out attitude as when her work demands, she doesn’t hesitate to give it right back.

Congratulations once again Mommy! We’re glad to have you back & shining :)

Let’s talk Work

What do you enjoy the most about working for OGenie? 

The freedom to express & showcase my work. Everything at OGenie is about teamwork yet every individual has their own space. Our ideas, our working style, our knowledge- we exchange our thoughts to come up with the best to serve our customers.

What has been the most challenging for you?

To tell you the fact, nothing as such is challenging here but everything is a challenge. I’ll make myself more clear. Challenges come at every level but here we face it as a team. 

Personally, for me, taking the time off was a big challenge. I’ve been working since I graduated so not working was a challenge but I love spending time with my daughter so it has been rewarding.

What did you miss the most at OGenie?

Although I didn’t have much time to reminisce :P but I missed my work, my Genieuses partners, our everyday chitchats & this space. I’m happy to be back & can’t wait to create awesomeness again.

Let’s talk Design

What is your usual design process?

Research- design- usability testing-implementation.
It is about how the problem is approached and why it is approached the way it is and how it is validated.

What are some websites and apps whose design you love? Why?

Good UX is about good function, aesthetics, user-friendly.
Netflix- easy to operate/ puts the customer’s desire first with recommendations
Google- just one search area makes it so user-friendly
Duolingo- Fun, intuitive, feels more like a game than learning

How do you put yourself in the mind of the customer?

Being user-centric- there are quite a few ways 
Creating personas, learning the wants/needs of the customer, research
So when we were creating Genie, we did a few things that included UX training that really helped us broaden our horizons.

Let’s get Personal

You were gone for quite some time. How do you feel coming back? 

I feel good. The welcome I received from the team was beautiful & now I’m back to where I left. I’ve been following all the latest trends & reading a lot of articles so I’m prepared to take on new role. 
Also, we have a company group on WhatsApp & Slack where I was always connected so there’s no disconnect or discomfort as such.

How are you balancing your work and your beautiful daughter?

I’m blessed to have a lovely family- personal and professional. On the personal front, I have my family to take care of my precious and on the work front I’m thankful to our founders for being so supportive, not only with me but the entire team.

How would you describe this new phase of your life?

It’s one of the most beautiful phases of my life. Being a mother transforms a woman in ways she never could have imagined. Every action, every reaction, it’s just exhilarating. It’s like design- attention to detail. I’m loving every moment of it.

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