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Let’s get to know Rajesh, a little bit better!

Aug 21 • 3 min read

Let’s get to know Rajesh, a little bit better!


Name: Rajesh Sijoria Title: iOS Developer

The most vocal of the lot, Rajesh has a lot going on the inside as well as on the outside. Passionate about technology, food, cricket, friends, and more, Rajesh enjoys being at the center of everything. 


A secret- Whichever team he’s a part of, wins the cricket match- so next time you know which team to be in :P





Let’s talk Work


Describe a typical day for you do at OGenie.


I do what every developer does- programming, coding, testing, deploying, discussions, and then again the same process. And then I add some fun with food and friendly banter.
What is it that bugs you the most? Challenges


Not deploying the application on time. It’s extensive codes we are talking here so even a minute miss goes a long way. It has happened twice already, once when we were at a very crucial stage. Luckily, or should I say, after putting in dedicated hours, all got set at the last minute.

Such times are highly challenging and stressful. We work on short deadlines and now we work in such a way that we do not miss it.

What is that makes it exciting and what you do not enjoy working for OGenie? 

Our company has a great culture of mentorship and growth and places value on doing things the right way. We can share our ideas and apprehensions without second thoughts. Our founders are cool, open to discussions, sometimes it gets heated but there’s no offense, given or taken. 

Everything has to go through a process and we don’t skip anything even for a deadline. I also enjoy our outings, cricket matches and occasional treats.


What I don’t enjoy, sometimes, are the long hours, night shifts.

Let’s talk iOS
What according to you does it take to be a great developer? Developing your skills is something that never ends as an iOS developer. The tools will keep changing but if your core skills are strong, you’ll be able to learn to use any new tools, frameworks and libraries that rise to popularity. 
What kind of coding you do not enjoy?
Poorly documented code. It has to be correct and properly documented.
As an iOS developer, is it the passion that drives you?
Let’s be honest. Passion is fleeting.
As an iOS developer, I’m definitely interested in software development. If I wouldn’t have enjoyed it, I wouldn’t have come so far. Passion is the initial motivation, but learning, experimenting and even the money that comes with being a good developer keep the drive smooth and enjoyable.

Let’s get Personal You are always upbeat and energetic. What keeps you going? Gratitude and also, I enjoy my work, it adds to my happiness thus the energy. How have you been working on yourself lately? I’m learning to cook. Also, trying to be as handy as possible with household chores. And have started this new exercise routine. I’m enjoying the process. How close or far are you from your dream? It’s a long way to go. There’s a lot I wish to achieve and I’m on that path. सीढ़ियां उन्हें मुबारक हो जिन्हे छत  तक जाना है, मेरी मंज़िल तो आसमान है, रास्ता मुझे खुद बनाना हैI

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