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Let's get to know Satyarth, a little bit better!

Jan 06 • 2 min read

Let's get to know Satyarth, a little bit better!

Name: Satyarth Sood
Title: Enterprise Account Manager

The face of OGenie for enterprise clients, Satyarth is phenomenal at doing his homework of analyzing the needs for each company. Being a great learner, he makes it easier for others to understand the tech part of OGenie, such as AI and NLP, to name a few.

Let's talk work

Describe your typical day at OGenie.
I spend most of my day on handling enterprise clients, be it interacting with them to understand their requirements or giving them a hands-on experience of our SaaS platform GenieTalk.

What's the driving force for you at OGenie?

My colleagues and the bonding I have with clients is what drives me to keep moving forward. With the responsibility of managing the entire inside sales and business development processes, I feel motivated to bring out the best in me.

Let's talk Enterprise Account Management

What's the process to build and maintain a strong client relationship?
Communication is the key and also what exactly you are communicating. For me, each client's project and satisfaction are crucial. To reflect this in my interaction, I ensure thorough and timely communication with each client while also providing relevant and correct information. All of this helps me to build and maintain strong relationships with existing as well as new clients.


How do you prepare before meeting a client?
Before meeting with a prospective client, I make sure to research and gather information regarding the requirements of each client. Google and LinkedIn are essential tools for thorough research, one helping to get details about the company and the other helping to learn about participants.

Let's get Personal

What do you do in your free time?
I am into art and utilize my leisure time to make sketches and draw whatever I can find inspiring. Also, I used to play football, but with lockdown and all, I lost the routine and haven't been able to go back again. One more thing, I keep fishes as pets and have a special bond with them and the aquarium where they live.

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