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Let’s get to know Sunil, a little bit better!

Oct 09 • 3 min read

Let’s get to know Sunil, a little bit better!

Name: Sunil Patidar
Title: Software Engineer

A little on the quieter side when it comes to reactions but on the louder side when it comes to taking actions on work or adopting new technology or debating on world affairs. Sunil is a problem-solver, subtle in his ways but sharp in his ideas.

Let’s talk Work

What does a typical day for you at OGenie look like?
Ask this question to any software engineer and they’d say the same- programming, testing, deploying, iteration, discussion and the cycle goes on. 
But I do try to make things less interesting by not participating in discussions as I try to push my work to the best I can, by finding solutions by myself to overcome a problem.

What makes OGenie a great place for a tech enthusiast?
The technology we are working on- AI, ML, DL, Conversational AI and then a lot of amazing tech talent. Every individual here comes with their set of ideologies and then we all have our combined ideologies. The atmosphere here is charged as we are working on what the best of bests in the world are working on. 

Let’s Talk Software 

What do you feel about the agile software development process?
Fail fast, learn fast! 
Agile software development centers around the idea of iterative development. It enables teams to deliver value faster, with greater quality and predictability, and greater aptitude to respond to change.
We do follow this process at OGenie and we’re enjoying this experience.

What's the most important thing to look for or check when reviewing another team member's code?
It’s functionality & also how readable it is. Is it secure or not and does it meet regulatory requirements of the project.
One more thing, does it have an extra line of code that can be done without.

What are your favorite resources to keep on top of software engineering?
In this ever-evolving field, I think it is the ability to learn new things and passion for doing so that makes a person like me always reading or listening about it. I take my dose from Stackoverflow, Medium, Next Threads, my developer group of friends, open source projects...

Let’s get Personal

What things are close to your heart?
Though I’m a tech guy, I come from an agricultural background and one of the things closest to my heart is to bring these two together in a way that technology becomes easier to be adapted at grassroot level.
Also, world politics, it is something that I’m always interested in talking about.

What quality of you sets you apart and which one is that you are working on?
I don’t react very easily and this is something that is just me. 
But sometimes reactions are important or should I say showing my emotions and I am working on differentiating between the two.

Who’s your inspiration?
My family, each one of them.

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