Navigating the Future of Work and Travel Post-Vaccination

What the travel industry will look like once the pandemic ends.

Ruchika Drabla

Jul 06 • 4 min read

Mid-June has brought relaxation in restrictions around the country. After many lockdowns and unlockings, we can now look forward to our regular lives. However, working and doing chores from remote locations has become part of our life. Even after unlocking, employers are okay if their staff work from home.

The industry which got affected the most was travel and hospitality. Compared to the first wave, the impact was slightly less as we didn't see a complete shutdown in the second wave. We still look forward to a new start. After getting vaccinated, people can be sure of bookings. They can now plan a trip without any worry.

The travel and tourism sector contributes $247 billion to the GDP and also leverages other industries. With the new start, this industry comes with revival strategies to bring a boom to the market. The all-time low in the past years needs revival for sure. The slight increase in bookings through online booking platforms is a positive sign for the travel industry.

Some offices are opening up, while others offer work-from-home. Some offices have optional visits, while some have a roster. With this new norm, people tend towards the digital environment.

The global pandemic has taught both employer and employee that working from an out-of-office location is efficient. It is productive as well as beneficial for personal well being. It gives employees a flexible environment and an independent environment to work. People tend to travel while maintaining their work schedule for bringing change to their tedious routines.

Hospitality industries are becoming a part of bigger chains to attract travellers. With the availability of information, customers will opt for the most suitable places for them. Hence, in such crises, the affiliation will bring them more customers. Serving customers the best is the key. From August to September, international travel might also become swift.

However, travel and office work are two different things, but still impacted equally post covid. Also, it gets affected after people are getting vaccinated. Offices and re-opening and so is the travel industry. Hence, you can adopt some strategies to bring balance to your regular life post-covid.

Create Boundaries

Post-vaccination and global pandemics, we all will see a different picture of travel and office work. The offices are open, but remote working is also an option. Travelling has started but will require a lot of precautions. Even though WFH is a good option, it needs space to bring productivity. A place far away from household chores, for complete dedication towards work.

The same goes for travelling. We need to put some boundaries in our itineraries, such as selecting accommodation, the food hubs and places to visit. All will be decided with some points to keep in mind. With the opening of international travel, there might be an extension in boundaries.

Prioritize Convenience

Mobility of offices brought convenience for both employers and employees. Recent data provided suggests that the occupancy of hotels is getting filled in no time. The famous locations are getting occupied quickly, which aligns with the weather. Domestic travel has also seen an increase compared to last year. People tend to plan family trips rather than opting for business trips only. You can book your flight with OGenie by following some simple steps.

For getting ready for such trips, offices are also providing necessary resources. With the mobility of work, the trend of work vacation is at its peak. People are planning trips with families for a long time without affecting their work schedules.


Optimize Communication

Building communication over digital platforms is mandatory these days. Sometimes people require a confined working environment to perform tasks and to communicate efficiently. Blending work with travel also impacts communication for sure. Effective communication while travelling over different time zones is crucial. At times it is also vital to keep the meeting hours confined.

The ultimate goal is to make everyone's life easy with effective communication. By updating the plan, time, and other essential details on the calendar, you can keep every attendee informed. This way, we can make sure each invitee and host are on the same page. This thing is only possible with the use of advanced AI technology.

Is that all?

These were the crucial points for post covid norms. With the new rules, people are back to their regular lives. In such scenarios, we need to keep ourselves ready for every uncertainty. The post-pandemic era will come with a lot of diversifications. Without getting into FOMO, all we need is to stay updated.

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