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OGenie AIPaaS solution for your organization

Feb 08 • 2 min read

The OGenie application is incredibly complex.


Besides code libraries to maintain, graphics to build and regulations to think about, we need to continually update the app to ward off security issues, improve features and keep up with the digital transformation occurring in the ever-evolving travel industry.


And, when tasked with maintaining and upgrading the surrounding platform for the OGenie application- the operating systems, servers, networks and computers involved- it becomes even more of a task.


That’s where Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) comes in!


PaaS is a set of services to build and manage modern applications in the digital era. It delivers the infrastructure and middleware components to build, integrate, migrate, deploy, secure and manage our mobile and web applications. PaaS helps us to focus on providing best travel services to our customers without having to manage, update and maintain the actual platform that hosts the application including the user interface, development framework, graphics libraries, databases and other entities.


Platform-as-a-Service removes that layer of complexity by providing more flexibility and relieving the hardware management duties so that we can focus on what we do best- making you travel effortlessly.


One AIPaaS- Multiple Solutions


We are using PaaS to make OGenie a modern application that offers a complete solution to travellers and for platforms interested in PaaS solutions, we are going beyond PaaS and are working on Artificial-Intelligence-as-a-Service (AIaaS). 



The OGenie AIPaaS is a tailormade solution for you- developers and organizations- to develop, run and manage your own AI-based applications without any complexity of handling the infrastructure- hardware or software.



Our comprehensive AI-Platform-as-a-Service (AIPaaS) offerings include a platform for delivering AI-enriched applications-



-Pretrained machine learning models you can use as-is or customize

-APIs for integrating specific AI capabilities

-Knowledge Graph


-Voice Bot




The OGenie AIPaaS removes the entire hassle of creating software from scratch as it is a ready-made service platform ready to be integrated into your existing system.


To see our progression and growth you can download OGenie application or write to us at social@ogenie.app


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