Role of AI-Driven Tech Solutions To Revive Travel & Tourism

Transform travel experience with AI and automation

Ruchika Drabla

May 22 • 2 min read

The involvement of artificial intelligence (AI) in our lives is not new. Rapidly it is becoming something we use daily without realising. You can call us future centric, but AI is now able to offer a lot of services. Also, the current pandemic played a significant role in considering AI as a solution for various services, especially in the travelling and hospitality industry.

The hospitality industry has been at an all-time low amid COVID. International travel went down by 22% during the first quarter of 2020 but optimistic enough to see a boom after this pandemic. The year 2021 might bring down the travel industry a lot more in addition to this, it will change the travelling patterns for sure.

In the past decade, many changes took place, from planning a journey to embarking on one. These changes will transform the travel industry more post-pandemic. Artificial intelligence comes with a lot of benefits, with the data used for productive use.

This change will create a history in itself.

Domestic and international hospitality is hoping that the urge of exploring within people post-pandemic will bring a boost in the industry, and the changing patterns will see indulgence of AI to a greater extent.

Post pandemic scenes of travel industries

People will no doubt start travelling, as it is something inevitable. But the fresh idea of keeping social-distancing will constantly hit their heads. These new patterns will change the way people travel. During the past years, a lot of change happened due to AI having its involvement. But with this pandemic and quarantine stories, travellers would want solutions that help them maintain the norms as much as possible.

The entire travel industry can tap into the potential of AI for everything from electronic IDs and passports to robotic cleaners, transforming the way we do things. Every other hospitality industry can take a cue from Hilton Worldwide's Connie, the first-ever AI-driven concierge bot running successfully since 2016.

Transformations like touchless check-ins can bring all-new travelling experiences. To leverage contactless hospitality, travel brands can prioritize face and iris recognition instead of fingerprints. From contactless bookings to checkouts, the travel industry will see it's all-time biggest revolution.

Role of AI & Automation in travel industry

Not so human touch

Amid all the chaos with people trying to figure out how to maintain work-life balance, they look forward to human interaction. In the back of their head, they also minimise the touch as COVID could be something we have to live with for a long time. With AI and automation being prevalent in the travel industry, most tasks require minimal or no human intervention.

The pandemic could be considered a dark phase for the travel industry. But at the end of the tunnel lies the opportunities and the changes to adopt so that you can provide services people want.

Apart from setting a benchmark for other industries, with the proper AI transformation, the travel and hospitality industry could make the biggest comeback post-pandemic.

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