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Imagine yourself all excited packing for your holiday and then when you reach the airport you get to know your flight is delayed, by like a few hours.

Dhara Sharma

Jan 07 • 3 min read

Imagine yourself all excited packing for your holiday and then when you reach the airport you get to know your flight is delayed, by like a few hours. And there are high chances you might miss your connecting flight. And the worst isn’t over.

There’s no one who can help you with it.

The excitement turns into stress because now you have to  reschedule your flights and with it, the entire travel itinerary.


Don’t get worked up just yet.

Now imagine the same scenario, but just before you were leaving for the airport you receive a notification saying - “Your flight is delayed and you might miss your connecting flight. Do you want me to reschedule your flight booking?”

A timely flight status alert, cancelling your flight and then rescheduling the flight booking all is done within minutes just by talking to an application without you getting worried over it.



Today’s technology allows us to get things done easily; taps, tabs and typing. But sometimes instead of providing the ease it can increase the steps and create confusion. So we set out to simplify and realized the simplest way to do things is also the most natural way- by talking, isn’t it? And, travel is something close to our heart and comes with a lot of pain points, especially while booking a flight and more so when cancelling and rescheduling it.

We built a bot, but not just any bot, a buddy, a voice-activated travel buddy who uses conversational AI to make travel effortless and hassle-free, by mapping a completely personalized journey for you, every step of the way.

Just right now you can book domestic and international flights with Genie; one-way and round-trip. Once your flight tickets are booked, Genie will tell you when the web check-in window opens for your flight and help you check-in, asking you to share your seat preference and then sharing timely flight status alerts until you board your flight and lastly, share luggage belt alerts so you not only ‘SEARCH, BOOK, BOARD, but also ARRIVE stress-free with Genie.’

Yes, when you book your next flight ticket with Genie you get to travel effortlessly with automated web check-in, flight status alerts and most importantly- luggage belt alerts. No more waiting or asking around at the airport to know where you can collect your luggage from. You know it already.

Also, to make you travel more, and effortless, we are using

  1. Voice technology 
  2. Travel technology  
  3. Conversational commerce to create simple conversations

All you need to say is  - “OGenie book a flight from Delhi to Singapore for tomorrow”


ogenie book me a flight


And you will see the top 3-5 results that are the best flight options tailored for you. We can show a list of 15 flights but remember, we are here to simplify.

Ready to fly? Take off with OGenie!

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Dhara Sharma

Content Strategist

Dhara is a Content Strategist with, with 7+ years of extensive experience in content marketing. Other than marketing communications she loves to read, travel, write prose & do yoga.

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