Ruchika Drabla Keshwani- She’s a visionary, a thought leader because great organisations need perfection.

Celebrating Genie woman Ruchika

Mar 06 • 2 min read

Where’s Ruchika? Have you seen Ruchika? Hey Ruchika, need a minute. At OGenie, everyone is looking for her all the time. 

If you see a young energetic woman with a mysterious smile on her face juggling around the entire office, you caught her. She’s the one.

Her eyes glow of ambition, 

And her smile preaches dreams, happy things and love. 

Her voice will guide you and her vision binds you,

There is a leader in her, you just can't unsee. 

What else do we say about the Genieus Marketing Head holding it all together- the management, investor, partners, synergies and the entire OGenie team. Have you seen a string of pearls? Ruchika is that string- without her, the pearls would still shine, but not be aligned.

She is the go-to person- product, marketing, tech, UX, HR, admin- everyone comes to her for guidance and while she’s learning from them she also has a lot of insights to share with them. She understands Genie like the back of her hand not only because she created it but because she loves what she is building with the team, involved in every step, she makes sure everything is perfect, because there is no other way to do things. 

Besides empowering OGenie, Ruchika has been empowering hundreds of young talented individuals by teaching them the nitty-gritty of digital marketing. Founder of Digital Scuola, Ruchika is a hands-on teacher who loves sharing her insights and experiences, be it education or life, helping people and organizations grow.

Need a solution- ask Ruchika- even if she doesn’t have a solution right now, she will look into it and get back.

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