Arpita Mishra- She doesn’t tell her plans, she shows the results

Celebrating Genie woman Arpita

Mar 06 • 1 min read

Her smile,

Her energy,

Her hard work,

She has made sure to make everything about her and her workplace remarkable. 


Arpita needs no introduction as everyone who enters OGenie has to go through her keen eye for talent and passion. Our HR who is also one of the youngest Geneius has that zeal about her. 



Don’t go by her sweet demeanour, she is one hell of a taskmaster who goes out of her way to get things done in the right way, both for OGenie and its Genieuses. Being an HR in such a big organization with diverse mindsets is taxing but she makes it look like a cakewalk.



Life is not who you are but who you become, and Arpita is becoming one hell of a Superwoman! 


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