What Is OGenie And How It Works?

OGenie- Your Virtual Travel Buddy

Jan 24 • 3 min read

For most of us, the ultimate luxury is to have a personal assistant who always listens to our call, reacts to our every need, and takes necessary actions when required. Thanks to AI assistant aka OGenie for providing us with the desired digital assistant.

What is OGenie?

OGenie is an application that acts as your personal assistant and Genie is your virtual travel buddy who understands your commands and completes travel tasks for you. It is an AI-based smart voice assistant which works on all kinds of travel commands usually using NLP. It gets active when you call out ‘Hi’ or ‘Genie’ and performs the desired task of flight booking (domestic and international), flight cancellation or rescheduling your flight booking. Either text or voice can trigger an action.

Know how your voice-activated travel buddy is making travel effortless and hassle-free, by mapping a completely personalized journey for you, every step of the way.

How does OGenie work?

OGenie is a combination of specialized algorithms and software that listens for the spoken commands from you and replies back with the voice selected by you. It learns your speech patterns, your commands and your preferences and creates connections with you using AI algorithms.

It can do a lot of different things ranging from acting on simple voice commands like “Hi, show me flight tickets from Mumbai to Delhi for tomorrow”, to more complex commands like “Genie, book me and my partner on Vistara business class to Delhi on Valentine’s eve”. 

With access to a large amount of information stored in its database, Genie is capable of not only making your flight booking, cancellation and rescheduling effortless, it also provides you with travel recommendations and answers to your travel queries- when to book a flight; how to cancel a flight booking; what’s the status of my flight; where will I get my luggage; where should I travel next; should I take travel insurance; what are the formalities of visa for the country...

Why OGenie is voice-activated?

We are so used to keyboards and touch screens that any other control method seems imaginative. But not anymore! Eventually, every piece of tech we own will be voice-activated allowing us to go completely hands-free. We’ll no longer be glued to our screens. The time is not far when our devices will be able to read our gestures and the tone of our voice and will automatically perform the actions without us telling them to do so.

The capabilities of OGenie are endless

We are starting with flight bookings and eventually plan to offer services that will include ordering food, reserving a table at your favorite restaurant, book a movie or an event ticket, adjust your settings, complete tasks like sending text messages or emails, making phone calls, adding reminders or creating a meeting request, setting alarms or adding an event to your calendar, reporting a sports score or sharing the weather forecast.

Genie is here to work its magic. Book a flight with Genie now.

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