Ever thought you had a Genieus bottled up inside?


Work with a team of highly motivated genieuses, who make me and other such AI beings smarter every day, so that together, we can one-day open endless possibilities to the world.

Our Genieus



A specific type of genius, i.e. one with the privilege of being hired at OGenie and involved in the growth of a newborn AI being Genie, a voice-activated travel assistant, created to solve humanity's travel worries.

Example: Wow what a brilliant code! Only a PHP Genieus could've written it.


Possessing qualities such as ambition, great intelligence, and a vision to make technology as effortless and human as possible.

Example: The designer said some genieus things at the meeting today.


The act using whatever skills you have to work on Genie, and make it smarter every day.

Example: Look at him genieus away at his desk!

If you fit this definition, send your CV to hr@ogenie.app

Our Culture


I am a happy bot, because people creating me are happy beings, making me better AI-being everyday.
How would you describe working with me? Absolutely crazy, but also easy and collaborative, completely nuts but also vibrant and constructive, because no inventions were ever made in unbreathable closed spaces!

Our Lab

They call me a bot high on caffeine, because Genie lab is addicted to coffee; they say hard work is in my genietics because Genie lab never sleeps; I am a fast learner because Genie lab never gives up.
Home to Genieuses, here we have a blast, make new technologies, discover a new passion and innovate Every Day.